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Got Link Juice?
If you want to rank competitively in the SEO channel, you need high quality external backlinks. That's just the world we live in. 

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Tangible Value Link Building
The Value We Provide:

SEOs and marketing managers don't really want backlinks, they want SEO results. That's why our service is a start-to-finish path to better rankings, traffic, and conversions -proven with clear, objective data. 

🤝 We find and qualify publishers, link building partners, and outreach partners

🧠 We develop a keyword and page target strategy

💯 We make sure your pages are ready for link building

🔗 We manage all content creation and link building activities

📊 We set up and conduct reporting for our specific efforts

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Michael Duncan
SEO Specialist, MTD Products Inc


Tangible Value was an integral part of our SEO strategy. We were able to increase the visibility of our pages in highly competitive categories at peak seasonality, outranking competitors and accruing record-breaking organic traffic and revenue.

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  • Isn’t link building risky? Will this hurt my site?
    Our method of link building is extremely low risk. According to Google, the majority of poor quality backlinks are algorithmically rendered inert - meaning they just won’t do anything. So, the largest risk to you is that the effort doesn’t work. That’s why we recommend customers start with a limited scope, pilot program to minimize risk and test our backlinks on a few select keywords and pages. This is also why we are very concise in our reporting so you can see clearly what happened and the value of our efforts. Since being founded in 2018, we have not had a single customer experience a link penalty or any site-wide drops in rankings to suggest a penalty.
  • How do you create backlinks?
    We create high quality backlinks by consistently searching for publishers that meet our quality guidelines - and who are willing to provide a backlink. Most publishers are always looking for new and original content. We catalog and categorize these kinds of publishers and then, when a customer needs a backlink, we reach out to our network of relationships, create content, and have a link placed.
  • Who are these publishers?
    Publishers that we work with include blogs and special interest publications from all over the web. It isn’t easy to find publishers who are willing to link out, so we may link to your site from publications that are directly related to your industry, or we may leverage general news sites or related sites to create backlinks. Wherever we place links, the content will be relevant to your industry.
  • Do we need to create content?
    This process is completely hands off for your team, so you don’t have to create any content and the content we use on publisher websites for link building is not authored by anyone associated with your brand. The only connection with your brand is a backlink to your website.
  • How is this different from what my PR team does?
    Though it may seem like there is a lot of overlap here, that’s rarely the case. The outreach we are doing is strictly to create high quality backlinks, which search engines will see and then reward with higher rankings. A PR team is typically reaching out to have mentions of your brand created and / or to get traffic from one publisher’s audience over to your brand. Our work will not result in traffic coming from publisher websites in this way. Instead, it will result in more traffic to your pages from Google and other search engines.
  • How long does this all take?
    From kickoff to reporting the entire process takes 4 - 6 months. Common Timeline Month 1: Confirm strategy and fine tune on-page optimization Month 2: Outreach, content development Month 3 - 4: Links begin to go live Month 4 - 5: We allow 30 - 45 days for rankings to update Month 6: We compile a clear before / after report
  • What are typical results?
    Results vary by website, keywords, and goals, but it is typical to see drastic improvements to keyword rankings even after a 4 - 6 month pilot program. For low to medium competition niche websites, we consistently see mid to high page 1 improvements. For more competitive niches, we consistently push keywords up page 1 over a roughly 12 month period. Every business is different and every search market is different, which is why we put strong emphasis on business discovery, expectation setting, and developing a realistic strategy early on.
  • What is your reporting like?
    Our goal with reporting is to isolate the effects of our link building efforts as much as possible. Before the campaign starts, we agree on the pages and keywords we will impact and tag them accordingly in a rank tracking tool. Then, we complete all on-page optimization before link building begins. After all links have gone live and another 30 - 45 days have passed, we deliver a report that zooms in on changes in rankings, traffic, and conversions before, during, and after our efforts were completed. And, of course, we deliver a record of all the links created.
  • How can I get started?
    Fill out the form on our contact page, or email and state your name, business, domain, and any specific goals you may have. If you are qualified for this solution, our team will review your existing rankings and provide a recommended set of link building campaigns and a custom proposal.

Ready to start moving the needle?


Contact us to schedule a call to learn more. If qualified, we will provide a list of recommended target keywords and proposed pilot program. 

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