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About Us

Who We Are

Tangible Value is a collection of SEO's, writers, creatives, and digital marketers. We come together to deliver better content that is more valuable to users and more visible in search. Founded in 2018, Tangible Value is so named for the guiding principle that we aim to follow. To provide value that is clearly and objectively felt by all parties involved. 

🧭 Mission

Many businesses don't understand how search engines work or conceptually the role they play in the exchange of information. They don’t know how to discover the information their customers are looking for nor do they know how to create value-adding content and deliver it in an effective way.

Our mission is to enrich and improve the network of worldwide information by helping businesses and customers interact through search engines in a more effective way.

🔭 Vision

Our vision is to be the company that demystifies and matures the SEO industry into one that consistently brings mutual value to all parties involved.

⚖️ Values

We encourage everyone affiliated with our organization to adopt these values as tools to living richer and happier lives. 



🤞 Keep Your Promises
Be honest with yourself and others about what you can and cannot do with the goal of continuous learning while maintaining a healthy ratio of promises made to promises delivered. 


🤝  Help People
Approach every task with the intention to help others.


🙋  Assume Responsibility
Assume that you are the sole person responsible for finding a solution to the problem in front of you.


🙇 🕐  Respect People’s Time
Focus on results, not the time spent achieving them and set the intention to grant everyone around us more time.

When you offer marketing services of any kind, you are making a promise to produce more results from your marketing than what was spent.

As a marketing services company, you are an intermediary. You rely on a relationship with a customer who offers a product to the market. It is a symbiotic relationship. If your marketing services are not helping your customers, it becomes a parasitic relationship.

As the founder and CEO, my goal is to cultivate only long term, symbiotic relationships and put dedicated effort into objective measurement strategies to prove this is the case. 


Matthew Fellows

Founder, CEO

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